Sunday, 24 July 2016


Alright, I did put on some weights after I came to London
yes, I'm fat. SO WHAT ?! I really don't care anymore 
What is it with you people 
None of this is your fucking business 
Care about your own shit instead of someone else's

To those who used to say mean things to me  
now I announce tht you guys can now go and fuck yourself 
I haven't got any clue since when others business became your business that you hv to complain and talk about it a lot 


Chinese call me * FAT * even my parents 
I pretended not to hear their cruel comments, 
but they stung. 
It wasn't that I ate badly, but I really liked my food
One of the reason I rarely go out is because I worry people would stare and judge me 
But I think I should start thinking positive 

I don't know what I weigh 
and I don't care, so what. 

So Pls stop telling me to lose some bloody weights.
Screw you